Get The Cash Your Business Needs Quickly, Painlessly, And At The Most Favorable Terms In The Market


at One Percent Ventures, we do things a bit differently, because we:

  • Provide cash advances up to $50k approved in 24 hours, regardless of your credit rating
  • Renew your MCA after 45 days of payments, with an actual cash advance equal to the first MCA
  • Use your OPV awarded pauses to temporarily pause your payments whenever you want to, without a penalty
  • Only pay 1% cost on your first MCA, using our one-of-a-kind rebate opportunity

All we’ll need is some basic info and your last 3 bank statements.

The Financing You Need To Get Back On Track

Performance-based APR

Merchant cash advance funding is offered to businesses who have been denied by the banks. MCA funders take a much greater risk than banks, which is why MCAs are more expensive than loans priced by APR. The OPV revolutionary repayment system lowers the APR, based on payment performance. We want to actually help people – and it’s also good business.

Pause Your Payments

Most MCAs are repaid with automatic fixed daily payments. That method of payments is incredibly stressful and put huge financial strain on you while you are trying to operate your business. With us, merchants in good standing can pause their payments at their discretion. We acknowledge that sometimes you will encounter bumps in the road. We believe you don’t deserve to be punished for an unexpected difficulty.

Control Your Money

When you need the money the most, some funders funnel almost the entire proceeds of the renewal back to their 1st MCA. If we are here to actually help your company prosper, why would we choke you with such unhelpful terms? The OPV renewal process is designed to give the merchant an actual cash advance equal to the first MCA funding amount.

Pay Only 1%

If you show you are reliable, then we’re happy to retroactively reduce your total cost. Our industry-disrupting rebate system allows you to claim a refund that reduces the total cost of your first MCA to 1%. A $10,000 MCA would then only bear a $100 factoring cost at the end of the term, after you receive your rebate.


Contact us today and get helped by tomorrow.

We’re in the business of building business relationships – not taking advantage of you when your business has its back against the wall.
If you need up to $50,000 cash in 24 hours, we’re here to help!