Our specialty is funding small businesses of all types and industries who have been turned away by the banks. Your company can get approved/funded $2000 -$50,000 in a day regardless of your personal credit score. Submit our basic application with three of your most recent bank statements to see if you qualify.


Performance-based APR

We believe those who demonstrate their dependability through on-time payments should be rewarded. Due to the nature of an industry which funds those who cannot get approved by the bank, the APR for typical MCA funding can range from 100 to over 1000%. OPV has introduced a revolutionary funding system that can considerably lower the APR of those MCA accounts that qualify and remain in good standing.

Pause-Daily-Payment (PDP) reward system

Unlike traditional bank loans, MCAs are usually repaid with small automatic fixed daily payments (FDPs). The reality is that FDPs can be incredibly stressful for a business that is already under a financial crunch. With this in mind, OPV has developed the groundbreaking Pause Daily Payment (PDP) reward system. PDPs are awarded based on performance and can be utilized at the merchant’s discretion.

Complete funding renewals

Businesses are typically eligible for renewal financing after half of the projected approximate term. Most other funders require the use of much of the renewal proceeds to pay off the balance of the first MCA. Consequently, the APR for the actual funds that are advanced will reach an APR of approximately 1600%. OPV advances all the renewal funds, giving the client the option to pay some, all, or none of the first MCA balance with the proceeds of the renewal.

1% MCA

OPV believes that high APR should be reversed retroactively to those who prove to be a smaller risk. First in the industry to offer a rebate of high APR costs after the original MCA plus renewals are paid in full, qualified business owners will receive a refund of the entire cost of the first MCA minus 1%.



The 1% rebate works! Within days of making our final payment on a 10K advance, plus a renewal, we received $4,800.00 as a rebate.

When the banks said no, OPV said yes! The OPV advance put us in a better position, and we are now back on our own feet.

Thanks to OPV we now qualify for regular financing, it is nice to see the banks crawling back competing for our business.