OPV offers ISOs the most competitive commission because:

The MCA industry is founded on helping small businesses that need immediate financial assistance. ISOs are an integral part of the MCA industry. They work closely with many struggling business owners assisting them in in every way possible. OPV recognizes the importance of supporting and strengthening the ISO industry; We are fixated on making OPV the most ISO friendly funding company.

  • ISO Protection: Because OPV includes the renewal in the 1st deal-contract, the ISO is protected as well.
  • Easy to sell: The Industry-exclusive OPV 1% Rebate gives the most reluctant merchant a materially significant advantage and reason to close on the deal.
  • Pause Daily Payments (PDP): The innovative PDP system awards businesses with the option to pause daily payments is truly a game changer in the MCA industry. PDP options help merchants keep accounts in good standing, thereby increasing the likelihood of qualifying for renewal.
  • Performance-based APR: MCAs are calculated by factor rate, but the effective APR is still an indicator of the cost value to the client. The revolutionary performance-based system from OPV gives the merchant an opportunity to significantly lower their APR, justifying the overall cost of funding.
  • OPV is the future: It takes a genuine service or product to keep a company going long term. The OPV formula is designed to legitimately help the client and move them into a better financial position.
  • User friendly: Let’s face it, the more user-friendly the MCA, the more the ISO can focus on new business rather than resolving issues within existing accounts.
  • Increase Gains: OPV believes fundamentally that every funding offer must bring competitive value to the merchant. We apply this same logic to the ISO.
  • Contributing to society: Making money is easy. Making money while genuinely making a difference requires an honest and good quality product.
  • Client retention: The large rebate upon completion fosters that “leave happy” mentality and instills trust to renew again when needed.
  • Free leads: The floating APR, payment pauses, and a significant rebate contribute to a happier client, meaning more word-of-mouth referrals.