Finally – An MCA Specifically Designed To Complement ISOs

You work hard for your business. You want to make sure the MCAs you cover are secure, predictable and protected.

At One Percent Ventures, we have positioned our company to support and strengthen ISOs, not overlap with their service.

And here’s how:

ISO Protection:

The OPV contract automatically includes an approval for a renewal. This is an amazing benefit for merchants, and means that the ISO’s interests in the renewal are protected from the get-go.

Easy To Sell:

Everyone wants to save money. When we offer an unbeatable 1% total rate on the 1st MCA, even the most reluctant merchants see OPV as an opportunity they can’t refuse.

Pause Daily Payments:

The availability of temporary, user-determined pauses on daily payments is a true disruptor in the MCA industry. This pause gives the merchant the much-needed wiggle room they often need to survive daily operations. In this way, OPV helps merchants stay in good standing, which increases their likelihood of renewal.

Performance-based APR:

The revolutionary performance-based system from OPV gives the merchant an opportunity to significantly lower their APR, which justifies the overall cost of funding. When paying the money back looks easy, people are more likely to take the deal. It’s just intuitive and makes good sense.

A Futuristic Approach:

We designed our cash advance service from the ground up to be useful and comfortable – not predatory. Having OPV as an ally in the MCA business is a welcome disruptor that’s sure to develop amazing momentum.

Increase Gains:

Just like merchants, ISOs want the best deals, with the most favorable terms. We earn your business when we give you a better partnership with more preferable terms, period.

Genuine Assistance:

The 1% rebate redefines the previously money-hungry way of doing business. A predatory relationship works once… a symbiotic relationship yields results forever.

User Friendly:

Merchants love things that are easy. Our MCAs are transparent, seamless, and effortless to manage. This leaves merchants more time to focus on running their business – without the stress.

Client Retention:

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that merchants who get real help and see a significant value are easy to retain.

Free Leads:

OPV offers a clear competitive advantage when we offer floating APR, payment pauses, and a significant rebate for the 1st MCA.